Darla came to me in a dream with a scraped knee and paint under her fingernails. She told me, “Art is Dead.” I woke shook and full of fire. I need to prove her wrong.

I was always a weird kid, had lot’s of friends, even though no one else could see them. I always liked to get dirty and make things with my hands. Growing up in Jersey you could have anything. The mountains, the beach, farms, the city and all punk music and angst that could fill any teenage void. But art, art was my true outlet.

In 1998 I was recruited to Kean University to play field hockey and from there, lacrosse. I studied painting and clay sculpture trying to find myself in the mud and oil when I met design. It wasn’t a fluid meeting, it was more like a blind date with someone that spoke another language.

Now years later and we are still together. The secret is romance, passion and not being afraid to try new things (you know). You have to be willing to learn, and lead when you need to. To me, it’s more then just a job. It’s everything.

Welcome to the Starring Darla show, thanks for stopping by!
-Candice Zane Londino