Protected: DreamKit – Home Sleep Test

DreamKit Home Sleep Test : Packaging experience : User Experience

DreamKit brings comfort through a simple and disposable home sleep test. It’s a forehead-worn patch, with step-by-step instructional packaging and companion app, makes OSA home diagnosis more seamless and accessible.

DreamKit is the first step in our customer’s journey towards healthy sleep. It’s important that we create an experience that will leave a lasting, positive impression on our users as they continue their journey beyond diagnosis, towards a healthy sleep lifestyle.

Designed for:
• Convenient and available for use, right at home.
• Reduces diagnostic anxiety through aesthetic, and clear communication.
• Simple visual instructions for activation, nightly use and next day use, consistent throughout packaging and companion app.

Concept Statement:
The Sleep Apnea path to diagnosis is stressful and complex. By creating a seamless diagnosis testing experience; pairing instructional packaging and companion app, makes at home diagnostics an easy-to-use unobtrusive experience right from home. Not released.