Protected: Philips Recall – Auto CPAP Opt-in User Experience

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Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Recall : CoCreate, Facilitation, Design Thinking : Content strategy, Consumer facing communications : User Experience

Summery: CoCreate and Facilitation, refining content and experience to help guide customers through an online complex exception patient scenario, offering an Auto CPAP for those having difficulty getting their prescription.

Background: Replacement devices require prescription. In some cases, patients are unable to obtain a prescription, therefore, unable to remediate their current CPAP device. Due to this complex exception patient scenario, we offered a remediated device with pre-filled prescription (Auto-CPAP).

The proposed user experience was heavily worded in legalese, making it hard to understand. Each page added 2-3 opt-ins making the unnecessarily complex. In the absence of user research, I lead a design thinking exercise, role playing, inviting teams to act as users and comment on readability, digestibility, tone of voice and digital user experience. The data was used to facilitate a CoCreate session to ideate an optimal experience for AutoCPAP candidates.

Phase 1: 6 participants engaged in a role-playing exercise to gather “as the patient” feedback
Post P1: Refined and updated copy to be consumer facing
Phase 2: CoCreate session to ideate on content, site flow and user experience
Post P2: Developed and presented recommendations and handed-off to digital team

10% of current CPAP patients do not have a prescription required to replace their current recalled device. Philips offers a pre-filled prescription (Auto CPAP) device to help users get back on therapy safely and quickly. By creating a simplified opt-in user experience and updating complex legalese communication both on-line and for customer sales teams, 130,000 patients chose to opt-in and finally received a remediated device.