Philips – Sleep Apnea retail packaging and experience

Philips – Sleep Apnea retail packaging and experience – Brand strategy and positioning : art direction and execution : vender communications

Historically, the sleep and respiratory category has been direct to consumer or delivered via the Durable medical equipment provider, (DME) channel (branded Philips Respironics).
As the category grows, there is a shift to offer some products direct-to consumer through more standard brick and mortar retail channels. We have updated our packaging to better suite customer needs in a retail environment.

Key experience differences:
• Clearer communication in descriptions and product photography
• Color use, dark blue gradient creates high-end feel and calls more attention to the product
• Unique product portfolio color system, visual differentiation and compatibility communication
• Direct use of photography, show the part you are purchasing
• Enable users to find and fit in isle

In-Store experience:
This system is critical in aiding consumers in finding the right part and the right fit their needs.
What part do I need?
• Using clear, informative communication and color identification of parts, make type and compatibility so users can find the correct replacement part for their needs.
• A QR code is provided to purchase via the web if size is not available.
• Insurance provided parts such as the mask elbow, must be requested via the pharmacy to order.
I know what I need, but what is my size?
• Care concierge can guide you through a digital experience with Philips Mask Selector.
• A mirror and free, in-store sizing gauge assists size selection right in the isle.

**Additional Retail strategy and experience work, shared on request.
– Sleep solutions in retail health (CVS Health, Walmart Health, Walgreens Health care clinic, Amazon and Amazon Pharmacy)
– Obstructive Sleep Apnea resupply Amazon activation, North America
– Durable medical equipment provider (DME) to Retail – full packaging strategy and hand-off brief