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UPMC AnywhereCare : Page Takeover
Character concepts, story board, art direction | Production and final illustration by Crash+Sues
Mom : Student : Businessman

Research showed most telemedicine markets focused on convenience. Our insight relied on our lives, our busy lives that don’t make room for being sick. We imagined ourselves sick – cloudy, mere sad characters of our best selves. And in a market that primarily showed real people, we thought – why not show our sickly characters.

Concept Statement:
“Think UPMC AnywereCare when you are feeling under the weather.
See a UPMC medial specialist anytime, anywhere so you can get back to your busy life.
UPMC AnywhereCare, world-class care when, where and how you need it.”

Average weekly visits climbed 400% since the start of the campaign.
Campaign ran for a year then was re-branded the next year due to a change of technology capabilities (video).

concepting | art direction | character design | storyboard creation | production house selection team | production house CRASH+SUES collaboration and point person | voice-over talent selection and direction team